Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bearspaw Dam during 2013 Flood

June 2013 Calgary Flood

Zenic and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about on the news about the Calgary flood, so we went down to a local park to see the river.  This is what we saw.

(Don't worry it's a toy :p )

The next day we heard it was getting worse so we went to the Golf Course close to his house and it was pretty bad.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evel Knievel Turtle

North Dakota

After visiting DBE my maps lead me to North Dakota.  I crossed the border into the town of Fargo and went to a little park to eat my Hardee's burger under the shade of some big trees.  While there though I noticed that there were people playing Frisbee Golf!  The course had been flooded a few weeks earlier, due to it's proximity to the Red River, so their were a bunch of muddy spots.  But it wasn't too bad and I was able to complete the course without getting too muddy.

After Fargo, Grand Forks was my next destination and they had a nice city park with a disc golf course, but I decided to just walk on the trails instead. It was also against the Red River and there were many visible signs that flooding had occurred.

The next day I visited Turtle River State park.  It was a bit farther west so trees were starting to become a rare sight as I headed into the plains, but this park was a small oasis of trees in a desert of grass and farm fields. 

I hiked here and looked at all the wildlife for a few hours.  Along the way I caught a little friend on the edge of the turtle river. A Wood Frog.

Other wildlife included a little Red Squirrel, a Whitetail Doe and even a Wild Turkey.

Later that day I drove to Devil's Lake.  On the way I passed by some cool windmills.  They were pretty big.
When I got to Devil's lake I decided to go to Sulley's Hill Game Preserve. It was on the other side of the lake so I got to drive across the bridge and get some nice lake pix.

Right at the entrance of the preserve there were a herd of Bison along the roadside and some even in the road.

Next, I actually climbed to the top of Sulley's Hill inside the preserve.

I took way more pictures than what I'm posting, but this is taking a super long time to upload all of them so I'll post just the highlights.  Like a bull elk just starting to grow it's antlers.

And that was the game preserve.  The next day I traveled to J Clark Salyer Nature Preserve in North Central North Dakota to try to find deer antlers and maybe even a moose antler.

(To be continued)