Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back in 'Murica

Here is Scott and I getting ready for my departure from his house. :'(

It was a little sad, but I was glad to come back to america, especially with this as my welcoming view.

Along the way to my destination for that day I saw lots of free range cattle on the side of the road (And sometimes on the road)  and also some wild mustangs.

On my 2nd day back I went hiking up this little creek on the edge of glacier national park.

After my hike I checked out glacier park lodge (which is where I'm at currently while typing this post).

After checking out the lodge I decided to hike the Continental Divide trail in the heart of Grizzly Bear Country.

Some of the many berries I found (and Gorged on).  These were wild strawberries.

At the border of Glacier National Park on the trail.

I was higher up than that snow on the other side of the valley.  It was July 31st.

In this picture if you look in the very top right corner you can see tiny white roofs.  That's the town of East Glacier, where I started my hike.

Well that's what I've been up to the past couple days.  Unfortunately I didn't get to see any Bears or Sasquatches, but it was still a very fulfilling hike. :)