Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why Offensive Vacation?

I have decided to name my new blog Offensive Vacation.  I have many reasons that made this name just sort of click into place when I thought it up in my head.

Reason numero uno:  I am a very offensive person and will write about offensive topics.  I like to be honest.  I live by the motto "Honesty is always the best policy".  With that, however, means that somethings I say will hurt people's feelings.  I'll say fat girls are disgustingly unattractive.  I'll say the words faggot and nigger to describe homosexuals (And wimpy pussy manginas) and black people when I want to create emphasis. I will talk about having sex with girls openly, honestly and in detail.  There will be quite a few people who will get offended by my posts.  Namely Feminists, Super sensitive liberals, Social conservatives, and anyone one else who is in denial about the truths of the world.

Number 2: I am a soon to be an unemployed white american male who will be living out of a van and travelling around North America.  As Aaron Clarey puts it I will be "Enjoying the Decline".   This will be my "Offensive Vacation".  Why is it Offensive?  Well, anyone who strays away from the average state-sponsored lifestyle of wasting money getting a worthless degree, getting a shitty depressing office job, buying a ton of unnecessary shit....and on a credit card nonetheless, taking out a mortgage for a McMansion, marrying an annoying, unattractive, loud-mouthed parasite typically known as the "Liberated American Woman", and possibly having children that will grow up being brainwashed in schools to take the exact same route will naturally be offended when they see how much fun I'm having without having to put up with all the same bullshit that is in their lives.

 I don't have student loans to worry about, because I never finished college to get my degree, I will have a nice stash in my bank account to enjoy because I actually have been are you ready for it?  SAVING MONEY!!!!  I know it's hard to fathom, but I actually have a POSITIVE NET WORTH. This means I won't have to sustain myself by working for awhile.  Which means I can HAVE FUN!!! WOOOO!!!  My lifestyle will also help keep my expenses way down because, like I said, I'll be living out of a van.  That is what most people are forced to do when they hit rock bottom.  But I am actually choosing to live this way so I can enjoy a maximum amount of freedom.  I will be living way below my means.  It will be a nearly pure minimalist lifestyle and it will be great. I can't wait.  Also I am not planning on marrying anyone or even having a long term relationship anytime soon, so I won't have to put up with any of that drama bullshit. IF, and that's a big if, I find a girl who is relationship material, then I might, just might want to be in an actual committed relationship.  But I believe that finding one anytime soon is a very unrealistic expectation so for now I'm just going to just improve my people skillz and try and get some pussy every now and then.

This Blog will offend people. This is only my first real non-drunk post and I've probably already offended at-least 15 people. This is going to be fun. :)

Inter-manosphere Interview Part 1

Today I listened to Cock Rock Mag's Interview of Paul Elam.

For my first post I must say it's fairly a minor blip on my radar of important life events, yet it struck a chord in me that I  feel was sufficient enough to merit the creation of my new blog (especially since I deactivated my Facebook account).

The main thing I got from this interview was that, Palm Elam holds women to the same standards as men, which on paper sounds good, yet I believe "Cock Rock" (The guy doing to interview who I forgot his actual name) is right when he says, that the principles of biology state that women are UNABLE to meet the same standards that men are expected to meet based purely on biology, meaning women are inherently unequal to men.

So basically Paul Elam is for equality, which is inherently impossible, so he will never be satisfied with women.  He will always hold unrealistically high expectations of women and therefore never be able to form any kind of functional relationship with them.

I'm tired so my first post is coming to an end.  I will either continue this topic within my next few posts or abandon this topic completely.  You'll just have to wait and see how I feel. : / .....Hello 4 AM!